EC&I 834

My name is Lori, and I am excited to begin a new learning journey with EC&I 834.  This is my second educational technology course and my sixth course overall toward a Masters of Adult Education Degree.  I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 20 years, and have been teaching for the last 10 years in the Practical Nursing Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  I have taught in many formats, including classroom lecture, online and blended courses.  I love discovering new technology that will help me to engage students and enhance their learning. 

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My first goal for learning in this class is to achieve an improved understanding of various learning technologies that will directly enhance my instructional skills, such as the ‘brightspace’ program.  I have used the, ‘brightspace’ format to teach an online class and am currently utilizing it to moderate on-campus classes, however I have never created a program from scratch with it, so I am looking forward to improving my skills.v

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My second goal for learning is to maximize interaction with my fellow students through reading and responding on blog pages so I may increase my learning from others.  Now that I have some experience with both blog type pages and the twitter platform, I feel much more confident than the last ed-tech course to be able to navigate through and use both.  My twitter profile is @Loreli111.

My third goal involves maintaining adequate time management to allow myself plenty of time to meet course due dates.  I find it occasionally challenging to work full time and take a university course at the same time.  However, I find if I put aside enough time and stay organized for work/school, I don’t feel too overwhelmed.  Work-Life balance is so important!

Technology is continually advancing in our everyday lives and especially in ways that impact healthcare and education.   Recently, two colleagues and I had the opportunity to develop an online, interactive ‘dressing change program’ that will assist nursing students to practice their skills for completing a dressing change.  Currently, it is being converted to virtual reality so we are truly excited!  It seems there is always something new, technologically speaking, on the horizon. I look forward to learning more through this class and from my fellow students!